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Lies Like Love BLOG TOUR!





Wow, wow, wow! My stop for the ‘Lies Like Love’ blog tour is finally here, YAY! Again, a big thank you to Faye Rogers for this opportunity! Another massive thank you to Louisa Reid for providing me with a review copy of this book, eeek! How beautiful is that cover? It just leaves you wondering what the book entails, which I love! Very mysterious, hmmm…
Just look how clever my photography was on instagram too:

‘There were a few problems . . . bullying . . . a fire . . .’
I think she’s verging on psychosis . . . now she’s lashing out.
She’s got no one else to fight for her.’
Sixteen year-old Audrey just wants to be normal. She’s trying to fit in. But what happens when the person closest to you suffocates you with their love? What happens then?
What are you still doing here? The Amazon link is below. Get your bums over there and get buying!

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Today, I have the privilege to give you a review of this amazing book, BUT, you must stay tuned until the end for a very nice surprise in which you may win some goodies! Also, you don’t want to miss all of the amazing stops on this blog tour right? So the schedule will be smack bang at the bottom of this post.



I honestly do not know where to begin with this review, for so many positive reasons. First off, here was my initial review on goodreads:
I tried to put the fantastic-ness (yes, making up my own words now), into a small goodreads review but it does not do this book any justice whatsoever. So, now to do this bad boy justice!
The main character is a girl called Audrey, who has been through a lot and is looking for a fresh start. At the beginning she moves into The Grange, a large scary looking house with a moat, yes you heard correctly, A MOAT! She has suffered depression and self harms, she has the scars to show for it. She describes her depression as ‘the Thing’ and this Thing makes her cut herself and so on.
I have to admit at first I had a hard time relating to Audrey since I have never been through depression myself, but the magic that is Louisa Reid’s writing really made me empathise with the character.
The character development from beginning to end is a hard, gut-wrenching battle but Audrey gets through the worst and comes out the other side. I have a new found respect for Audrey and a new understanding of her. Overall a brilliant teenage girl main character.
As for Leo, the boy next door (meaning across the field and at the Farm), is charming, a gentleman and really THE boy you should fall for. Now i’m generally someone who loves a bad boy, but in Leo’s case I really fell in love with him. Whether it was the crafting of the character, the writing in his view or Audrey’s feelings, I do not know. There is just something about him from his piano playing to his origami poems to his love of Peter, that makes him an unbeatable love interest.
Talking about Peter, I best mention him! Peter is Audrey’s younger brother who is just 5 years old. He absolutely adores Audrey and she treats him as if he is her very own child. The bond they have is heart-warming, and at one point in the book I thought that bond was broken, a touching time for both Peter and Audrey. I feel as if Peter is the one that pulled Audrey into her senses, because of her love for him.
Audrey’s mum is unusual to say the least. I found it strange that she would leave Peter alone and go out, or leave him and Audrey to fend for themselves whilst she went to ‘work’. She must have taken a lot of time, effort and research to put together but in the end she is a brilliant character. You must read all of this book because towards the end, it get’s crazy and Audrey’s mum, well…i’ll leave you to find out…
As I said above, Audrey suffers with depression and I do feel like this is a hard book to read, especially when ‘the Thing’ comes for Audrey and makes her self harm. Peter and Leo are definitely Audrey’s shining light and bring her through the darkness, whether that’s building a den in the woods, finding animals or spending time together. The plot is quite dark but really worthwhile, I didn’t get bored at all with this read because the journey through depression is really in a sick way, interesting! Honestly, do not let the word ‘depression’ put you off this book. It is not that type of book. It is dark, scary in places and overall about depression, BUT BUT BUT you will regret putting it down, I assure you. Please, please, please read to the end and push through all of the dark bits because it is truly worth it.

Overall feelings:
My overall feelings after reading this book are…

I cannot get my point across about how amazing this book is, but it is a definite MUST-READ! I hope this book turns into a seriously hyped one because it deserves it. The characters are so well crafted, the plot is incredibly clever giving clues all throughout the book and you’re STILL surprised at the outcome. The battle, the pain, the Thing, Leo, Peter, New Year’s Eve…

Okay, literally just when I was typing the paragraph above, I realised that the title ‘Lies like Love’ is sooooooo good! Seriously, it just clicked in my head and i’ll leave that mystery with you to read and find out for yourself…

“Hats off to Louisa, a brilliant book that I keep on raving about!”



Moo Rating:


 Louisa Reid is a writer and teacher living on the Fen Edge. Her debut novel, BLACK HEART BLUE was published in 2012 by Penguin and was shortlisted for the North East Teen Book Award and longlisted for the Carnegie and Branford Boase awards. Her second novel, LIES LIKE LOVE was published in July 2014 by Penguin.


It gets even better, there is a giveaway!

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Thank you everyone for stopping here and checking out my review, along with this fantastic blog tour! Here’s the schedule if you want to nip elsewhere and have a look at some great blogger’s post including this book. Don’t forget to come back to The Book Moo for more great content about books, reading and possibly even more blog tours!


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