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Dewey’s 24-hour readathon TBR – April 2015

So, just 20 minutes before the readathon begins, I am posting my TBR pile and explaining my strategy. Organised aren’t I?
TA-DAAAA! Here it is, my TBR that I know I won’t get through in 24 hours, it would be a miracle if I did.
Firstly, I am not going to stress out because this is my first readathon. I signed up to challenge myself and hope to shrink my TBR books. Even if I only manage to finish 1 book, that is still an achievement in 24 hours!
Secondly, you’ll notice how random my TBR pile is, genre-wise. This is so that, if I get bored of  book or genre, I can move onto a totally different genre and hope that entices me instead.
Thirdly, I’m gonna try and join in as many challenges and hours as possible but i’m not going to get myself in a tizz because seriously, my health comes first!
OOOO! It just started raining, YAY! That means I have an excuse to sit in all day and read read read. Pahaha, I love it when a plan comes together!
Finally, I’d like to remind you all and myself that it isn’t a race, just enjoy this excuse to read all day and do not be put down by how much others have read. We all have our own pace (mine is snail-like so you aren’t alone) and some people can whizz through books, but if it doesn’t suit you, hey ho so what! Atleast you’re participating in the first place.
Where I’ll be sharing:
Instagram: TheBookMoo
Twitter: @TheBookMoo
Youtube: The Book Moo (WRAP-UP)
Goodreads: The Book Moo
And of course here! So don’t forget to check back!
GOOOOOOOD LUCKKKKKKKK! Ahhhh 10 minutes now, the excitement is just too much! HAPPY READATHON!

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