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ReadORama TBR!

Book bloggers, hello there

So today is the beginning of the ReadORama Readathon! If you don’t know what that is then where have you been hiding?! Here is the twitter profile for the readathon so you can get all the information you need πŸ™‚
Without further ado, here is my ReadORama TBR!
(Pssst, if you would rather watch my TBR video it’ll be down below!)

First up is As White As Snow by Salla Simukka, which is the second book in the Lumikki Anderson series. I read the first book, As Red as Blood, last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, this book is just 213 pages long so its a good starter to get me into the ReadORama mood!
Secondly is, Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton who signed my book! Super excited to read this after hearing her, along with James Dawson and Lisa Williamson, talk about taboos and how there isn’t much LGBT in YA fiction. This book is 275 pages long.

Then I’ll move onto Say Her Name by James Dawson, again he signed it, woop woop! This one is 284 pages long.

And then his newest novel, Under My Skin featuring an interesting character called Molly-Sue! (Should I mention that this one is signed too?!) This one is 302 pages long.

Finally, if I manage to get through all of those books, I’ll be tackling the 546 page Love Hurts by a multitude of authors but put together by the one and only Malorie Blackman!

So, that’s my ReadORama TBR! If you wanna keep up to date on my progress then be sure to check me out on twitter or search #readorama.

(Psssst, there will also be a week-long VLOG on my BookTube channel)

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