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Keep your eyes peeled!

Book Bloggers, hello there…

So, my first post was mainly to introduce myself and my BookTube channel because that’s gonna be a big part of this blog. A lot of the posts will integrate with BookTube and you’ll probably get fed up of seeing my face, but I hope you stick around! As the title suggests, I want you all to keep your eyes peeled because there will be a lot to look out for on here! Without further ado, this is what’s to come:
Top 5 Wednesday:
This was created by the lovely Lainey (gingerreadsLainey) in which we choose our Top 5 in certain topics set out by Lainey herself.
The main reason for including this is because I initially began T5W on BookTube and couldn’t keep up the pace of uploading a video every Wednesday along with the rest of the things I wanted to do. I really miss it, so WALA, it’s now here!
Book Reviews:
Another thing I’m really bad at keeping up with on BookTube is reviewing books! The next book I need to review is a book I finished on the 24th of August 2014. That shows just how bad I am at keeping up with it… When I do actually get round to filming a review it ends up 15 minutes long and the editing process is crazy because ‘ERM’ is my favourite word apparently. Hence why my BookTube channel has next to no recent reviews. Therefore, I decided to combat this by blessing you all with written reviews! If I manage to do a video review too then I’ll throw that on the end of the review post. Hey, I told you there would be BookTube integration!
#AYearAThon Updates:
This wonderful idea was created by a number of brilliant people including: Ke-sha (theforsaken707), Alyssa (ACReads), Kristina (ThePrincessGummyBear), Kerri (KerriForLife) and Katie (kitkatscanread). #AYearAThon is basically a week-long readathon that focuses on a different genre/topic per month. For example, January was Standalones, February was Diversity and upcoming March is benchwarmers. You can visit the goodreads group here to get all the information you need on dates, topics and the community.
Well that’s all for now folks, I’m sure I’ll find a lot more to bring to you and don’t forget to go subscribe to my channel here and follow me on twitter for updates here!

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