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Book Bloggers, hello there!

Book Bloggers, hello there…
You may recognise the name of this blog from a certain other book lover community called BookTube! So, I just hit my 1 year BookTube Anniversary and decided to put blood, sweat and tears into making a video about it, which you can view below!
I then thought about the year and how much I really love making videos and connecting with the BookTube community. However I realised the sheer amount of the community I was missing out on when I noticed just how many book bloggers there are! And Hey Presto, here I am making my very own blog!
So here’s a bit of background to get you all up to speed…
Since I was a child i’ve been an avid reader, and it’s mainly down to seeing my Mum as a role model and someone to idolise. Therefore, I became a person who enjoys a good book, curled up in bed listening to the bad weather outside or in contrast, taking a book and some sunglasses into the garden for a bit of sunshine and stories. All because it’s what I saw my Mum doing as I grew up, and I am extremely grateful that she was such a big influence!
Fast forward to a year ago, I had just finished reading the ‘Fallen’ series by Lauren Kate and was really disappointed. I’m the type of person who feels like by the end of a good book or series you should feel like you or the characters have accomplished something and this series just really didn’t in my eyes. I finished reading like – I invested all that time into reading you and got nothing! It’s safe to say, I was pretty annoyed.
Anyway, why is this relevant to making a BookTube channel? Well, the majority of my friends and family are non-readers (…I know right, what’s wrong with them?!) The only major reader is my Mum and she isn’t really into the genres that I read, so I stick to my YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi etc and she sticks to her Romance, Historical Fiction yadayadayada. So we have no books to discuss together, and I needed a major rant after reading the ‘Fallen’ series.

That’s enough for one post but stick around to hear more about what’s to come on The Book Moo!

Also, because you really like this post, check out my BookTube Channel here!

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